Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy is a law firm with a team of specialists who have solid and reliable legal knowledge in each area of our activity. The main goal of the Law Firm is to meet the needs of our clients, which we manage to do quickly and effectively, while maintaining the safety and comfort of their business and projects.

Agriculture and the food industry


The average person associates farming with one of the most backward areas of the economy. Meanwhile, the true picture of agriculture in Poland is completely different. It is a modern branch of the economy, where great investments have been made in the last 15 years, productivity has increased significantly and where the most modern technological solutions are applied. It is also a sector that needs modern legal solutions, very often requiring unique approaches and specialist knowledge.

For over twenty years, the Law Firm has been advising agricultural companies operating large farms all over Poland. During this time, we not only provided ongoing services to farms, but also built and optimized entire corporate structures – primarily with the participation of foreign entities – enabling investments in the agricultural sector. Our lawyers have participated in the acquisition and restructuring of a number of large farms, gaining special experience in the field of agricultural real estate. We also conducted many proceedings related to the system of agricultural support from the European Union funds, representing farms before agricultural agencies (Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, National Support Centre for Agriculture, and former Agricultural Property Agency and Agricultural Market Agency). The Law Firm’s team has also specialised in contracts related to the trade of agricultural crops and the resulting court disputes, as well as issues related to the use and trade of plant protection products, seed and fertilisers. Moreover, we provide tax advice for the agricultural sector, which – due to the specific nature of legal solutions – requires special experience.

Food industry

As in the case of agricultural enterprises, our lawyers have been providing services to entities involved in the production of food products for over 15 years, including in cooperation with scientific institutions in order to seek innovative, pro-healthy methods of nutrition. Within the framework of this cooperation, the tasks of the Law Firm include, first of all, drawing up commercial agreements in current operations, handling procedures related to the receipt of EU subsidies, creating nationwide structures connecting medium-sized enterprises from the same industry (the so-called horizontal capital concentration), as well as representation before public authorities in proceedings related to their activities. We have also conducted legal proceedings concerning trademark infringements (e.g. by unauthorized entities producing similar products with the same or similar appearance, or trademark) and concerning competition law infringements against chains – owners of large-format stores.