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Insurance is an extremely important and constantly developing branch of economy and social life. Every enterprise in industry, construction, transport and services sectors requires insurance. Nowadays, it is difficult even to imagine entering into a meaningful contract without securing the claims of the parties to such contract with an insurance policy. At the same time, insurance law is highly internationalised, which makes it necessary to refer to regulations, standards and rules resulting from international agreements, requires knowledge of terminology and insurance practice. There are many entities on the Polish insurance market offering insurance, reinsurance, brokerage etc., often based outside Poland.

Compulsory insurance

Compulsory insurance is a set of insurances for which there is a legal obligation to conclude an insurance contract. This obligation may relate to both civil liability of the entity and insurance of property, if an act or an international agreement ratified by Poland imposes an obligation to conclude an insurance contract. One example of compulsory insurance for a large number of natural and legal persons is so-called motor insurance.

A number of activities are covered by the obligation to conclude civil liability insurance contracts. These include so-called professional insurance (doctors, attorneys-at-law, lawyers, notaries, architects, bailiffs, accountancy offices, property managers, etc.).

Voluntary insurance

The subject of voluntary insurance can be anything, as well as any property interest. With regard to voluntary insurance, it is for the parties to determine, as a rule, the conditions under which the policyholder provides insurance coverage.

Evaluation of agreements and claims, conducting cases before courts and out-of-court bodies

Our lawyers have vast experience in pursuing insurance claims, both in court and out-of-court. They are able to assess the merits of such claims and minimise the risks of possible litigation. Over the past few years, we have successfully completed several thousand court cases for damages and compensation.

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