Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy is a law firm with a team of specialists who have solid and reliable legal knowledge in each area of our activity. The main goal of the Law Firm is to meet the needs of our clients, which we manage to do quickly and effectively, while maintaining the safety and comfort of their business and projects.

Contracts in business

This concept entails all kinds of agreements between the contracting parties which give rise to rights and obligations for them that have legal effects that are significant for their business.

The Law Firm deals with contractual issues in all aspects. On the one hand, the Law Firm’s lawyers are able to draft documents establish every type of agreement and every form of contract procedure, starting with a letter of intent and ending with a final contract, or a team of related contracts, exhausting the whole of the designed transaction. On the other hand, the Law Firm’s lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide effective legal assistance in solving problems that arise on the basis of designed or already implemented contracts. In this respect, depending on the Client’s needs, they present their position either in the form of a reasoned opinion resolving all legal doubts, or in the form of a due diligence report, qualifying the factual status of the subject of the contract from the legal point of view.

Both at the contract negotiation stage and at the dispute resolution stage, the lawyers of the Law Firm may participate in negotiations with a contractor as a professional advisor to the Client or the Client’s representative, acting in the name and on behalf of the Client.

Contracts and agreements

We ensure the creation and review of civil law contracts, commercial contracts, letters of intent, agreements, out-of-court settlements, general terms and conditions, regulations, model contracts, etc.

Due diligence of business transactions

We offer to prepare a detailed report assessing the legal and tax consequences of a given business transaction and advise on the choice of an optimal business model in the relevant respects.

Participation in negotiations

We provide our clients not only with personal support of a qualified lawyer during negotiations with contractors and ongoing legal and tax advice, but also assistance in developing negotiation strategies.