Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy is a law firm with a team of specialists who have solid and reliable legal knowledge in each area of our activity. The main goal of the Law Firm is to meet the needs of our clients, which we manage to do quickly and effectively, while maintaining the safety and comfort of their business and projects.

Local governments and public sector entities

Local government

Persons residing in a given territory by law form self-governing communities, including local and regional ones. Depending on the territory the community covers, we refer to it as commune, county and province. They are appointed to perform public tasks. First of all, they take care of the collective needs of the community, as well as perform tasks commissioned in the field of government administration, including carrying out elections and documents. In everyday life, it is local government bodies and their offices that are the place where natural persons and economic entities conduct most of the administrative proceedings that are important for them. The activity of the Law Firm is not limited only to the representing our clients in these proceedings.


For many years, we have been providing comprehensive services to local government units. It entails both executive bodies and the offices and legislative bodies that serve them, as well as organizational units set up by local governments. Legal assistance is provided to utilities and communal companies, schools, kindergartens, social welfare centres and cultural centres.


Our service is comprehensive: it includes both participation in the legislative process concerning acts of local law and other resolutions of local government councils or orders of executive bodies, creation of contracts concluded by local government units within the framework of their activities, as well as assistance to their employees in solving problems arising from the recognition of specific administrative issues. The Law Firm provides representation before common and administrative courts, as well as local government appeal colleges or committees adjudicating on cases of violation of public finance discipline. As part of the service, the Law Firm assists in carrying out investments, often co-financed from EU funds or under government programmes. Our lawyers have also gained experience in the implementation of public-private partnership projects.

Public sector entities

For many years the Law Firm has been providing comprehensive legal services to entities from the public finance sector. This service covers all legal aspects of the institution’s activities, entailing:

  • legal advice in public procurement procedures, i.a. choosing the right procedure for a given contract, advice at the stage of preparation of the procedure and in its course (preparation of a draft public procurement contract and other elements of the ToR, draft answers to contractors’ questions, assistance in evaluating bids from a formal point of view), representation before the National Appeals Chamber, and legal advice at the stage of execution of a public procurement contract (including preparation of draft annexes to contracts, advice on correspondence with contractors and solving other legal problems in the course of the contract),
  • representation of institutions in judicial and administrative proceedings,
  • preparation of draft internal legal acts,
  • legal advice in the course of administrative proceedings conducted by the serviced entity as a public administration body,
  • giving opinions on matters relating to labour law and public finances.
Experts specialising in the area: