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The energy sector, which includes power engineering, heat engineering and energy from renewable energy sources (RES), is one of the sectors with extensive legal regulations. Therefore, undertaking business activity in this sector requires the energy company to meet a number of statutory requirements, confirmed by administrative decisions.

Drawing on the Law Firm’s long-standing practice in providing services to energy companies, our lawyers are able to identify and assess legal problems faced by energy companies, and propose ways of solving them.

Power engineering

For years, the Law Firm has been providing legal support to energy companies and entities operating in the energy sector. Our advice applies to each stage of operations, i.e. energy generation, transmission, distribution, storage and trading. We provide legal assistance with regard to licensing and tariff decisions, operation of transmission and distribution networks, fines, wholesale trade in electricity, infrastructure investments, claims related to network assets.

Heat engineering

In the field of heat engineering, the Law Firm provides ongoing legal services to a group of capital companies from the heat industry, within the framework of which it specializes in broadly understood legal advice in the implementation of line investments, corporate and tax advice taking into account the specificity of the companies’ operations, regulation of the legal status of real estate related to the foundation of the heat infrastructure (also concerns problematic legal past), legal advice related to the management and maintenance of the heat infrastructure and real estate, as well as substantive support in the legal aspects of retail trade in heat.

Renewable energy sources (RES)

The Law Firm offers legal support in the sector of renewable energy sources. Our lawyers specialize in servicing RES investments. We help to obtain the necessary administrative permits, including environmental decisions. We also advise at the stage of the construction process, editing and negotiating the related contracts and permits.

Experts specialising in the area: