Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy is a law firm with a team of specialists who have solid and reliable legal knowledge in each area of our activity. The main goal of the Law Firm is to meet the needs of our clients, which we manage to do quickly and effectively, while maintaining the safety and comfort of their business and projects.

Litigation, arbitration and mediation

Analysis of legal situation

We provide assessment and legal analysis of the facts and documents provided in view of the future judicial process and preparation of litigation tactics.


We offer preparation of claims, motions, pleadings and legal remedies and last resort appeals (complaints, appeals, grievances**, etc.), draft court settlements

Representation in the proceedings

We represent our clients before common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, as well as arbitration tribunals, arbitration courts and in the course of mediation proceedings both at home and abroad in all types of cases falling within the scope of our legal activities.

Proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings

We offer preparation of motions initiating the proceedings, as well as representation of the client in the course of the above proceedings.