Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy is a law firm with a team of specialists who have solid and reliable legal knowledge in each area of our activity. The main goal of the Law Firm is to meet the needs of our clients, which we manage to do quickly and effectively, while maintaining the safety and comfort of their business and projects.

Real estate, real estate development, investment processes, FIDIC, environmental protection

Real estate contracts

We offer you preparation or opinion on preliminary agreements, sales agreements, establishment of limited rights in rem, rental and lease, etc., as well as legal assistance at the stage of negotiation of the content of agreements, their execution, amending, and early termination.

Administrative and judicial proceedings

We provide legal assistance in administrative and court proceedings concerning: expropriation, usucaption, division of co-ownership, establishment of limited rights in rem, warranties and quality guarantees, land development conditions decision, building permit, location of public purpose investments, etc.

Legal audit of real estate

Within the framework of this service, we provide a comprehensive examination of the legal status of the real estate and prepare a report indicating the threats to the planned transaction or its effects.

Legal support for investment processes

We offer legal and tax advice at all stages of the investment process, starting from the planning of its concept, through the development of necessary agreements, representation before public administration bodies and courts, to the pursuit of claims for non-performance or improper performance of the investment.

Legal services for entities operating on the real estate market

We provide comprehensive legal services to housing communities, real estate managers, real estate agents and developers. We ensure legal assistance both in relations with clients or members, as well as legal and tax advice on internal matters, including participation in meetings and gatherings.

Environmental protection and waste management

Our lawyers provide ongoing legal services for private and public sector entrepreneurs dealing with waste management. In addition, we advise our clients on matters related to compliance with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law, Water Law, Nature Protection Law, Waste Law. We are in charge of obtaining decisions on permitting the use of the environment (integrated or sectoral permits), decisions approving a hazardous waste management programme or decisions setting charges for the use of the environment. We participate in project environmental impact assessment aimed at obtaining the decision on environmental conditions of the consent for the implementation of the project.

FIDIC contracts

We offer development of contracts taking into account FIDIC procedures, including advice on choosing the right type of procedures for a given investment. We provide comprehensive services for contracts based on FIDIC templates, both on the part of the contracting authority and the general contractor or service provider.